Wednesday, July 29, 2020

And My Family Tree Just Keeps Getting Weirder

So, we all know my family tree is tweaked. Not the least of which is on my mother's side, with Mormons marrying multiple times and bringing over new wives from England.

I knew my father's side was pretty inbreed from the backcountry of Kentucky - intermarriage is rife.

These are not my relatives.

But we are going way back now to pre-revolutionaryVirgina. Drury Tucker is born in 1719 in Virgina. He gets married and has a lot of children, including William Wolford Tucker (my relative and later a Revolutionary War Lieutenant) in 1752. His wife, Susanna Douglass (2 ss's) is from Midlothian Scotland (near Edinburgh). His wife dies in 1765.

Meanwhile, a Miss Frances (Franky) Penn is born in 1735 - also in Virginia. She gets married in Ambrose Lee and has many children, the one we are concerned with here is Nancy Lee, who is born in 1762, tens years after William Wolford. Ambrose dies in 1764.

In 1767, two years after Drury's wife passes away, he marries Frances Lee (3 years post her husbands death) and Frances and her children move in with him.

So in 1767, young William Wolford Tucker is 15 and in a joined family with (among others) his sister Nancy Lee who is 5.

In 1777 - at 25 year old William Wolford Tucker joins the new US Revolutionary Navy. He later is a Lieutenant with the Virginia Regiments.  

in 1778, William marries his step-sister Nancy. She is 16 and he is 26. William's father is also now his father -in-law via his marriage to Francis (Franky) Penn - Lee - Tucker.

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