Wednesday, July 15, 2020

So Scott, How is Rusty doing?

I suppose he is adjusting to being an only dog reasonable well....

Actually he is doing GREAt except for that one peeing thing. He is so not house-trained. And I think, since he lived on a farm, he probably lived without learning to hold it. So we have to guess how long after a drinking he can wait.

We haven't done a great job yet. PLUS, he isn't really treat or praise oriented yet. I mean, he lows having his head scratched, hanging out with us and playing - but saying "Good boy, Rusty!" or "Great Job!" doesn't actually float his boat much yet.

He does enjoy walks, but he has quirks.
  1. He is used to really big trees, so he lifts both his back leg and front leg to lean against them and pee. But the trees near us aren't very big and he tends to fall into them with both legs up.
  2. He doesn't require grass or concrete to pee or poop, just time.
  3. He is okay with grass, but he really likes tall grass or weeds. On a walk he will plunge into tall grass head first. 

At the airport, we realized we forgot to bring a toy, and he is a puppy, so we made an emergency run to the St. Louis Airport crap store.

This is a St. Louis Blues Beat - the mascot of the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Well, it is the mascot minus the plastic nose, which was promptly and fully terrier-like torn off ASAP. It is well built, and still one of his favorite toys.

One last thing, to keep a house that isn't full of Rusty Pee - we have resorted to this (which he doesn't seem to mind).

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