Friday, July 10, 2020

Reminders of a Gentler Time (in Stowe, Vermont)

In Stowe, we did find some interesting things from "way back when". One fo the most interesting, in these times, in the March of Dimes Monument.

Jonus Salk created the Polio vaccine (there is a lot behind that simple statement, trials and errors, accidental deaths, but let's leave it at that). But there was a cost of getting the vaccine, which priced it out of reach for many people. However, after a few massive outbreaks a charity was reset, the March of Dimes.  Before this, the March of Dimes had worked with Polio victims. Now, it was working to get everyone a free vaccine.

They collected small change from everyone (hence "march of DIMES"). There was a big kick off on TV and a this monument but to commemorate it's success on the top of a Mountain in Vermont. It was moved down to Stowe and put up here in 2002 - 50 years after it's placement on the mountain top. 

The different stones are unique to each state, and each state contributed a brick of their native stone with their state name. The 48 states (at the time) worked with each other and the federal government to help implement the vaccine. It's not impressive, per say, but humbling after the clusterfuck we've put together in response to Covid 19.

The picture above and below are interesting to me because I LOVE rockeries and alpine gardens. Most other people will be interested to know this is the "Trapp Family Lodge". As in the Von Trapps. As in the Sound of Music.

That right, after Maria, the singing children and Captain all fled over the Alps, the went on singing tours for money. At some point, they ended up stopping in Stowe, and it reminded them of their home int he Austrian Alps, so they built a lodge. It lasted for about 30 years, then was expanded in the 1980s. IN 2003 (?) it burnt down and they rebuilt it. This is the new "Family Lodge and Retreat'. And yes, still owned by the Von Traps.

As the resort grew, and Stow grew, the Von Trapps decided to open a beer brewery and beer hall. The make Austrian / German type beers. The in -house part was closed (Covid), but we ate and drank a beer in the garden as noted above, with proper distancing.

The view from the beer garden towards the lodge.

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