Thursday, July 9, 2020

Apparently, they CAN make them like they used too....

This is a brand new Russian Orthodox church. It is massive. It was dedicated as a tribute to the Orthodox Church and the Russian Military. Watch the video to get the full picture, but it is gorgeous.

I don't have to be religious to appreciate the size, scale and beauty of this church.

Images from the Video (select them to get a full screen image). It may not be gorgeous on the outside, but it is very impressive.

All the curved ceilings are stained glass

Other Images

Apparently the largest Jesus' face in mosaic in the world

Great propaganda image tying the military to Orthodox angels

Like the Beijing Olympics, something this grand can really only happen with leadership non-responsive to the people, no concern about money and a huge need for self-congratulations. (no Trump snark here, I am proud of myself)

Full Video

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