Monday, July 13, 2020

Name Change for the Pup

After meeting the pup, we decided the name Wisley did not fit nearly as much as Rusty. Obviously after his coloring.

He is a great pup, but a PUPPY still. HE lived on the farm, so he isn't really house trained. And by "not really", I mean not at all. He also still has his big boy nuts. Which means he is a bit more aggressive than he should be and marks. A Lot!

So now he is in a diaper (yeah, he loves that) and chewy on a chew stick. Because he is still young and growing, he chews A LOT. He also likes to hump things. Couch cushions, your leg. random pillows.

He is very chill and is crate trained, he prefers to sleep in his crate at night. We are feeling our way around Rusty and he us. But he is a very very happy pup.

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