Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Good Morning Fellow Inmates

Day 851 of the lock-down has really brought the crazies home. Home, home, home on the range. (Note: This is not a Trump bitch, this crap is just so blindingly stupid one has to laugh. All the way to the morgue. Or barring that in Texas, all the way to the refrigeration trucks lined up because the morgues are overflowing.)

Yesterday the President of our country... The country with the most scientists, Nobel Prize winners and top rated Universities in the world... That country, he tweeted out a video that stated Coronavirus has a cure, Hydroxichloroquin and zinc prevents people from "getting" Covid 19 and the government is covering it all up. (Do you really want a link to this bullshit?)

Before twitter and facebook could pull that bullshit down, it was viewed over 8 million times.

The main speaker was Dr. Stella Immanuel, but she was flanked by a South Carolina Representative to the US House. Republican (as if you couldn't guess*) Ralph Norman. In the video, Dr. Immanuel also stated that face masks did not work at all in helping to prevent the spread of the Virus.

She did NOT talk about her positions that
  • many gynecological problems are caused by having sex dreams with demons and getting hit up with demon sperm
  • that infertility and STDs are caused by your spirit husband
  • that vaccines are made with alien DNA
  • that our government is run by reptilian space aliens.

When Donald Trump was asked why he tweeted her misinformation out he said (and I quote):

“I think they are very respected doctors. There was a woman who was spectacular in her statements about it, that she’s had tremendous success with it and they took her voice off. I don’t know why they took her off. Maybe they had a good reason, maybe they didn’t.”

Which is, no doubt, what any good Reptilian Alien overlord would say.

* For some reason Republicans have become the anti-science party. They deny global warming, covid 19, evolution and bacteria.

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