Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Day 800 of the Lockdown

We in New York are in day 7 or 800 now. Not much has changed. We cannot go inside to eat, only outside. To take advantage of this, many restaurants have built temporary outside dining on sidewalks or in the parking lanes.

It isn't bad, but traffic is close.

And it is quite hot (notice I did NOT say f*ck all hot - which is what I mean). It is around 93 F (34 C)and humid. And, once you're in a lane, usually not a lot of shade. And right now, nearly no breeze. So while you are allowed to go out, it isn't particularly comfortable there.

Apparently none of these owners has been to the desert to understand a bit of fan and cooling mist would be welcome. Even if the mist doesn't work (humidity, I get it), still a big-ass fan would be quite helpful.

Big-ass (r) Fans.

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