Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Did ya ever thing, Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?

Did you ever think Mother Nature was trying to tell us something? And that something is "knock it the fuck off, I got you if I want you."?

Killer hornets. Burning a quarter of Australia. Hottest years on record. Virus stealing monkeys in India. Covid 19 keeping everyone at arms reach from each other. Donald Trump (okay, that one's on us). Earliest named hurricanes ever. Floods in England. 100 degree heat in Russia's Arctic Circle.

And now, drum-roll please - first ever cases of bubonic plague found in North America.

Doesn't anyone remember the Chiffon Ad? It's not nice to fool Mother Nature - and she made the heavens crack. Well she is well and truly pissed off right now.

Apparently we did not pay attention to that 1970s commercial.

1 comment:

  1. Since Trump's presidency has broadened the platform for climate change deniers, and all the killer hornets, record weather catastrophes, etc. has happened during Trump's administration, perhaps Mother Nature is saying "Get that M*****F****** out of the White House. You have been warned!"


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