Thursday, May 7, 2020

Very Cool Idea For Post-Covid 19 Bathrooms in New Apartments / Condos

I hear a lot about how "life will be different now" after Covid 19. And t be honest, I rarely believe it. Hell, we can't even get people to wear masks, BUT..

Well it turns out some things might change for the better. One of them is bathroom design. Some architects are rethinking small space homes (i.e. apartments and condos) and how to deal with changes. One big change now is that first responders, doctors, nurses, etc are very wary of coming in the house with their clothes. 

Many homes in rural or suburban areas have an back entrance through the laundry or pantry, where people can leave their dirty clothes/shoes and then wash up before entering. An architect is looking at how to do something like this in small places, as we may change our habits. It also goes back to last century when "modern" architects put wash basins in the vestibule so visitors could wash up before coming in.

If you check out the before and after here, the architect actual makes more space in 1 bedrooms but putting the toilet / washbasin in the hall. There is an odd shower next to it, that I didn't understand, but the images make clear. It is a large shower, but the vestibule door opens to cover it, when not in use. So guests can see / use the powder room (which is what Americans call a room with a toilet and sink). But after guests are gone, you can turn the entire area into your bath / shower area.  It is a cool idea.

Original plan for 1 bed apartments. Traditional bathroom.

New layout with entry vestibule with toilet room, closet, shower and washer/dryer in vestibule

Image from new entry. Door to house, when open, covers shower tall nicely.

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