Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Still Missing Travel: Perast Montenegro

After driving from Sarajevo to Montenegro, through the valleys I showed yesterday, I arrived in Perast, where I made my stay for 4 days.
In the bay of Kotor, Perast sticks out as elegant. It is on a shallow rise around a bend. The city has been there since Roman times, but most of the old buildings are from the Venetian Period of when they dominated the region. For centuries - particularly in the 1700s, 20 palaces were built in Baroque style, 17 Catholic and 2 Orthodox churches. And since one of the best maritime schools was housed here, Peter I was sent here from Russia by promising sailors for training with extraordinary captain Marko Martinovic. 

This was the view from my apartment high. I was at the top, near the road.

Now in reality, the "palaces" are from the old time, so they are 2 or 3 story buildings that are now usually apartments or rehabbed into a new home, but not a "palace". Famously, Cathrine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas own a home here.  The current draw, aside form the history, is thatPerast is limited by roadway and sea so that no more buildings can be added. 

Kotor Bay has a lot of new 4-7 story apartments around in nearly every city. Perast is the only one without any new building at all.

These were the cornices from an 12th Century church.

An 18th Century Church tower and clock.

This church is being rehabilitated now.

This is looking at Perast from the Northern end (parking on both ends).

These are some buildings that are being fixed

This is just a section of the city. People like, totally live here.

Amazing Fish at restaurants.

Tisis looking down the bay towards Kotor at sunset

You can rent a boat and guide to go to the islands right off shore (where there is an 11th Century church) or across the bay.

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