Monday, April 13, 2020

I Miss Sun and Travel and Going Outside

I have stopped enjoying my Coronavirus quarantine. It is not longer a barrel of monkeys.  And so I will regale you with a tale of my drive from Sarajevo to Montenegro from May of 2018.

This is in Bosnia before I crossed over the border.

The map shows the route I took to get to Perast. I had been to Sarajevo and driven parts of this road before. I always found this to be one of the most beautiful parts of the country, empty and very pristine. This time I took the road down into Montenegro, instead of driving through Bosnia for most of it. And I seriously fell in love with the area.  The area these pictures are from is the area in the red oval.

As you cross the bridge into Montenegro, you drive up a steep valley. You don't really understand until you get to the damn. )t is one of the highest dams in the Balkans. It was built by Tito, and when the country had much fewer and smaller cars. Which is to say, it is a tight little road. I mean not like other crazy roads in Montenegro, but for Americans.

This view is from the top of the dam. In this image there are actually a few roads.  The lowest one (where the blue bridge is) goes down to the valley floor for fishing and parks.  It was the original road before the dam went in.  There is a second road above in, which you can barely see, and it is the cracks in the left middle and the higher tunnel in the center.

That was my car.  As you can see the road is reasonable, but not large.  

The road wound through a valley with mountains on one side and the reservoir on the other.

The clouds tended to drift in and out, so the lighting is a little different in the pictures, but it gave the day a fantastic mood.

At the end of the lake I had to continue on to Niksic this way.  This is looking back at the road. Part of it went east to what is a deeper valley and national park.

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