Friday, April 17, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen: The President of the United States or Child in Tantrum

Three hours of Adderall snorting and a twitter thumb: A Presidential meltdown that occurs all the fucking time!

These are the latest. He is attacking Cuomo (Gov of New York) for being more effective than he has been.

He is asking states to do more testing (after he fucked up by not getting tests from World Health Organization) because he wants to start commerce. Starting commerce isn't a bad idea, but you can't get there by screaming at people after you fucked up.

He is talking about China because he wants to blame them and if we have more deaths than them, he can't see this.

Here, the "LIBERATE <STATE>" refers to states that have Democratic Governors and have implemented social distancing. Scary Republicans have screaming and threatening legislators. I will include a couple of images from Michigan and Ohio.

Regarding "Crazy Nancy Pelosi" (Speaker of the House) and "Cryin' Chuck Schumer" (Democratic leader of the Senate) are not agreeing to new money for Trump's buddies. The last $1Trillion stimulus including an independent oversight which Trump fired 9along with 7 other independent Inspector Generals.

Again here, he is attacking the World Health Organization because he needs a scapegoat.

This has been 4 hours!!

Here are people protesting that they cannot get their hair done or buy lawn seed (seriously).
Michigan (actual picture)

Ohio Protesters

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