Friday, April 17, 2020

If You Watch ABC News and Whit Johnson, then you've seen...

For those of you that may, occasionally, be watching ABC National News, you see Whit Johnson in New York reporting on the virus. He is reporting from 113th and Broadway, which is at our old apartment (when we were between condos).

It is on the corner with the Cathedral of Saint John, the Devine. They have turned the Cathedral itself into an overflow hospital, for people without Coronavirus.  If you don't remember, I am here today to show you some shots of the Cathedral. I used to go in a lot.

Looking towards the alter

One of the old Priest's Lecturn

Detail on a Priest's Speaking area
The Rose Window

Detail of the famous Busts

On the left, detailed images of buildings from the city (note twin towers)

The back of the building

Snowy morning back when. The Cathedral isn't finished yet, missing towers.

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