Friday, March 27, 2020

This Ain't My First Rodeo (It's my second)

The Covid 19 pandemic is the second unknown killer I've been up against. I have to say the difference between this and AIDS is pretty stark.

With AIDS, the virus was discovered before the internet became a thang and trying to understand it wasn't subject to quite as much mis-information.

There was a lot of guessing and wrong assumptions, but the community (in that case, the gay community and a few cities) actively worked to prevent mis-information.

A community group called MotherCares LA came to gay bars to explain what AIDS was, how it spread and how to avoid it. They taught us bartenders, barbers and whoever would listen and dealt with the public.

And, although the death rate was closer to 50.0% than Covid's 1.0%, the panic was contained within a community that had been subject to jeers and attacks for decades. The gay community came together, with a huge assist from lesbians (who were uniquely safe from AIDS), to give out the right information, to protect friends and to stick up for loved ones.

In this crisis, the victims aren't nearly as stigmatized; no one says "they brought it on themselves". But the panic has turned into a constant low level dread. This panic doesn't give us a sense of community, since the way to avoid it is to avoid people.  And, Covid 19 seems indiscriminate and random, so it seems like maybe random fixes work (they are not working).

It's probably one of the reasons I currently LOATH Republicans and the President. They are using this fear to actively tear us apart. In word and deed, it is no better than telling AIDS patients they deserve to die.

Calling it the "Chinese Virus" has its direct lineage from Evangelicals calling AIDS "They Gay Curse". And so that naming infuriates me. It divides people and sets them up to actively hate others.

And the Republicans spinning how the threat is overblown because it hasn't hit their areas yet is anti-human. Literally.

I don't have much to say here, I suppose; but it is important to call out evil deeds when you see them. And to explain why your anger is there. I know I will never change Republican minds. As Taylor said years ago, haters gonna hate. But YOU and I have a choice.

Hate the comments. Stand up for the sick, the scared and the weak. Help where ever you can. We are in this together and don't let people devalue others (even Republicans). That isn't what humanity needs.

Trump has, is and will continue to fail Americans in pulling us together. So let's try to do it ourselves. It's definitely possible.

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