Friday, February 14, 2020

Wear Boots - The Shit is Thick in Here

Yesterday our Attorney General (Chief Prosecutor for those outside the USA) had a TV interview.

Background. As I stated previously AG William Barr has moved on from being Trump's errand boy to full service butt boy, carrying out whim that crosses the mind of our Very Stable Genius.

That mind has been overwhelmed with revenge and patronage lately. He fired the military aides that honored a legal US subpoena and testified to Congress and the State Department actors that also honored legal subpoenas. Bill Barr, Esq., has done some new heavy lifting on this topic, having the Department of Justice (Barr is the head of that) change recommendations on sentence lengths when they effect dear Trump.

Well the AG has come in for some flack for doing this. So yesterday he went on TV and whined that it was hard to maintain the aura of independence when Donald Trump tweets his displeasure before Barr has a chance to act.


We only have to toss our minds back to his "summary" of the Muller Report - which was whitewashing in the extreme. If you forget, Barr summarized it by saying Muller found no wrong doing or evidence of obstruction. When, in fact, he listed 9 specific acts of obstruction, multiple acts of witness tampering (some by Roger Stone, the man in question) and lying to Congress.

Bill Barr is Donald Trump's objectively illegal lawyer covering for a mobster.

Objectively illegal act in question this week is the acceptance of dirt on a domestic candidate from a private lawyer through State Department resources.  We did not used to allow private lawyers a direct line into the Department of Justice.

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