Sunday, October 13, 2019

Some Interesting Notes About the Will and Grace Building

Eddie and I walk by the building all the time, and it is the Will and Grace building. It’s the building that supposedly houses Grace Designs.

Last weekend we walked by the the building and the statue of Puck (from Shakespear’s Midsummer’s Night Dream) was cleaned recently. So we stopped by and looked at the building.

It is called “The Puck” building and originally housed many publishing houses. It was the home of UK’s Puck Magazine in the United States for years.

Now it houses a 3 story REI store, some companies, 2 ballrooms for rent (one on the ground floor and one of the top floor). It also includes 4 condos added by (wait for it) Jerod Kushner in 2012. The first one sold for $28 Million. He added them to the top floors.

It actually is two buildings built about 40 years apart. That is why part of it is 6 stories tall, and the southern part is 9 stories tall.

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