Sunday, October 6, 2019

My Preferred Response to President Trump

Although now it is a pretty liberal organization, "Move On" was originally created for people that believed the correct response to President Clinton's impeachment was to, instead of impeaching him, have an act of congress "Censure him, and move on."

If only I believed that President Trump had learned to NOT interfere in future elections - then this would be my preferred method of dealing with Donald Trump. Censure him for the crap his team did in 2016, which wasn't powerful enough to Impeach him, and then move on with governing the country.

I still think Impeachment is a pretty losing cause for Democrats. We might be as crazy in our pursuit of Trump as the Republicans were in their pursuit of Clinton.

But, and this is critical for me, President Trump hasn't learned his actions were wrong and he sees no need to stop them. Clinton may have been an ass and sexual predator, but at least he had the good sense to pretend to be apologetic. Trump, on the other hand, just does the illegal thing LOUDER AND IN PUBLIC.

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