Saturday, August 31, 2019

Scooter's Brain (and why you should be happy you don't have it)

Yesterday I was looking at Instagram and ads popped up for this weird pillow. Now I cannot find them now so you won't see the exact ad, but it is for the pillow below.

It's a semicircle arc, and it is suppose to have support so your significant other can lay in your arms, but your arm won't fall asleep.

It's not a horrible idea, but all I hear in my brain is the girlfriend as you slip this over your arm;

"Oh that's a great idea. No, I get it. I'm soooo fat you need extra support. Perfect. You want a crane too, a crane to roll my fat ass over so I don't accidently touch you! Oh.. it's not because I'm fat. Then why? You don't like touching me? Just say so. Just say, I'm so disgusted that any physical contact - you AFTER sex of course - is revolting. I get it. NO, I'm fine. But I think you can sleep on the couch so you don't get cooties."

And as he slinks off to the front room, she says, in wane voice, "No.. wait." And she heaves the pillow at him, "You forgot your little friend.!"

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