Thursday, June 6, 2019

I saw her sing this...

Ed knows this. Okay, I tell everyone, so many of you might now, but Shelly H and I saw Olivia Newton-John since this song live. We were at our first Disneyland Grad Night (we went the next year also - long story), and at the Tomorrowland Stage (the one that used to come up from the ground near the submarines), Olivia Newton-John, a brand new singer from Australia, came up and sang her first big song, I honestly love you.

She sang it to a Winnie the Pooh doll (the one with the graduation cap, that we all paid $34 for). It was goofily magical.

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  1. Poor Olivia, there was no way on earth she should have had to play the Tomorrowland stage but all I can imagine is that she must have been previously contractually obligated. Lucky us. I thought she was holding a koala bear but I've probably adjusted the memory to account for her Australian-ness. Magic indeed.


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