Thursday, June 6, 2019

An Open Letter to Apple - Why I Left You

Dear Apple,

I have been a fan for years and years. My family turned to Apple for iPods and iPhones when they first came out. I went through 3 of them, and my husband went through 4 (and still has one). But I had to break up with you.

I stayed went we all found out you were lying about the battery - we knew this in our hearts anyway.

I stayed with your computers - through the over-priced, under-powered crap because of ease of use. I still have a Mac Mini and we have a MacAir or two. I’m on my 3rd iPad. So it’s not like I don’t love you, Apple.

But the iPhone and the lies were finally too much. I had an iPhone 6 I loved. LOVED. I liked the headphone jack, I liked the size, the apps. I put up with the battery crap. But then...

Oh Apple, but then....

When your updated screwed up my wifi and my location finder I had to get a new phone. I took my phone to the Apple store to see what was wrong with the Wifi and your answer was, “Nothing. It’s fine.”

That answer was, plainly, bullshit. My iPhone couldn’t hold my home wifi. My iPad could. My husband’s newer iPhone could. My MAC and PC could. My iPhone could the week before the update. So you were just lying, weren’t you?

I don’t know if you think that because the President lies that it is okay that everyone does.

I don’t know if you think because Tim Cook is a proud gay man, that I would follow him anywhere.

I don’t know why lied. But it was plain as day.

So I finally broke down and bought a OnePlus 7T. Is it great? Yes. Do I wish I had an Apple iOS instead of Android? Definitely. Change is hard. I haven’t learned the easy tricks I know before.

But being with you is like being with a cheating, lying spouse. You keep hoping, next time they won’t lie. Next release won’t fuck with my heart.

Breaking up was hard. But I am an adult now and we all have to move on.

I wish you all the best.

I wish it in that half-hearted way you say that same thing to your ex. Not in anger, but not in truth. You broke my heart and I’ll never give it to another tech company again. I don’t wish you ill, but I no longer care.

People swear their love for Apple now and I nod and smile. I understand. I understand that no matter what I say, they believe in you. And I know, they will have their heart broken too. I’ll just try to be there to pick up the pieces....

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