Thursday, March 14, 2019

Random TV Reviews

What I liked recently:

Okay, I think The Other Two is hilarious. It is the only comedy that Ed actually asks if there is a new episode of.

We tivo it, I think it is on Comedy Central, so I don't know where anyone can get it.

  The Umbrella Academy. This is very much more a "scooter" show.

Random references, semi-SciFi, cartoon violence set over 1980's pop songs. End-of-the-world.

You know, a comedy.
Sex Education.

Yes, this show is funny and works for me as well.

I like it because the "kids" are about 20 years younger than the "kids" on American TV shows (Riverdale, 90210, etc). And it's great to see Giliann Anderson again.

The current crop of TV Doctors / Prime Time Soap Operas. The Good Doctor / The Resident / New Amersterdam

I am not a fan of crime shows so much, but I like the new crop of soapy doctor shows.

Roswell New Mexico. I don't know why this hooked me. It shouldn't but it has.

Tenn angst all grow up 10 years later. Stupid plots and stupider sub-plots. A bunch of aliens that CANNOT keep a secret. And a ham-fisted allegory regarding aliens from outer space as related to aliens residents in Turmp's America (don't blame me, they call it out).

Plus I love that it has Roswell New Mexico in the title. Like we all thought, "Wow. I wonder if this is about Roswell, Kentucky?"

Amazon's new Jack Ryan works much better for me than the movie versions.

Partially because they have a look and feel and stick with it. And partially because I never believed Ben Afleck as Jack.
 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Season 2 was no Season 1.

But there was more parents and they are very very funny.

And the scene with dad at the club was worth the price of the Amazon subscription (which everyone already has anyway).
Didn't work for me so much.....

Russian Doll wasn't bad, but it wasn't the ground breaking comedy everyone set me up for....
Blah Blah Blah.. stop voting out the hotties.  And shut up already.

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