Thursday, July 4, 2024

This is why everywhere seems reasonable to Ed and I

Cost of Living Index 2024 Mid-Year

Top 25Cost of Living Index
Geneva, Switzerland101.7
Zurich, Switzerland100.4
New York, NY, United States100.0
San Francisco, CA, United States90.5
Boston, MA, United States85.8
Reykjavik, Iceland83.9
Washington, DC, United States82.5
Seattle, WA, United States81.5
Los Angeles, CA, United States80.9
Chicago, IL, United States80.2
San Diego, CA, United States79.8
Canberra, Australia79.3
London, United Kingdom78.7
Oslo, Norway78.4
Portland, OR, United States78.4
Tampa, FL, United States78.0
Miami, FL, United States77.0
Singapore, Singapore76.7
Denver, CO, United States76.6
Adelaide, Australia76.0
Atlanta, GA, United States75.7
Copenhagen, Denmark75.7
Paris, France73.6
Sydney, Australia73.4

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