Monday, July 8, 2024

Barutana - One of three

 As you may or may not know, I am fascinated by the monuments to Yugoslavian fighters throughout the country. Many have fallen into disrepair and are forgotten by the locals, whose attention is now directed at the individual countries.

I love these and I was hesitant to take everyone on a trip to them as they don't appear in guidebooks or anything.  I thought they might be bored. But it was fun, and everyone liked them.  This is the last one we saw; others will be coming :-).

This monument has a central sculpture that looks like a flame or a hand. It is in an amphitheater where human sacrifices used to take place*. Leading up to the amphitheater is a series of three "islands." They are dedicated to the people who fought in 1) the Balkan War, 2) World War I, and 3) World War II.

It is overgrown but still impressive. 

The central part from the seats.

Artsy show

The amphitheater from the monument

Central piece, non-artsy

Walking past the small circular monument to WWI


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