Saturday, June 15, 2024

Yesterday at Bletchley Park

Doesn't look like a military installation does it?

 We went to Bletchley Park a few days ago for a second visit. We had gone years ago with Barbara and Gareth. We loved it so we went back.

It has changed a lot. I am not putting in a lot of pictures because it is a museum, and photos of exhibits are boring if you don't go ("Oh, wow, glass gas with gas mask"). 

Last time at Bletchley, most of the emphasis was on Alan Turning and the Engma code-breaking. But since this information was presented, there have been a lot of books about the time and Alan Turning - both as his expertise in running the top secret project to break the German military codes and his experience later as a gay man caught and then chemically castrated. 

But this time there is more of a "holistic" view of the time. They did not discuss only the bomba, the code-breaking machine, but also the other needs of espionage like how to make sense of morse code in a foreign language or how to interpret silence in context.

It was quite interesting. 

I am including one photo of the library set up as it would have been in the day. This was where the military brass and administration worked.  It would have covered the whole room, but here it is.

It was a grand day out.

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