Friday, June 7, 2024

What scares me (fun posts later today) - UPDATED

 So, stupid things are happening now, and it is super easy to ignore them. I don't really want to, but I cannot help it. (going forward, search on "updated" and you will get to the latest here.)

I find the actions of the MAGA and adjacent semi-militia's freak me out. I know it is ALWAYS difficult to make any analogy to Nazi Germany - but it follows a pattern in Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Italy, and Stalin's USSR as well. First the paramilitary starts...

From upper left clockwise: Hitler's Brownshirts, Hitler youth, Mussolini's Blackshirts, Stalins, Red Guards, Trump's Proud Boys, Rightwing Boogaloo, now just massive crowds.

Then, there is a failed attack on Democracy...

Left: Nazis at the "Beer Hall Putsch," which failed but set the stage for more extensive and more violent actions. Right: Combination of MAGA voters and paramilitary in the failed riot to prevent a valid election result.

Then, a government works to include members of the"fascist," which represent a minority of voters. Still, they are loud and disenchanted with the government and make strides moving against institutions. Then, often, a minority faction wins control of the democracy. They quickly cancel democracy, jail their opposition, and then have to find a new enemy.

For Hitler, it was Jews. For Mussolini, it was Royalists. For MAGA it has been Mexicans, then Muslims,  then trans people, then gays, then women who want bodily autonomy, and finally anyone they call liberals. 

Note: MAGA states and judiciary have already passed or approved laws - which are aggressively antagonistic - to all these groups legally. Trump and his right-wing media have already called to lock up liberals who oppose them.

And then, in the past, POP goes the Democracy.

Explicit promises have already been made:

UPDATE: June 7 - 
Two professors at the University of Texas at Austin are suing for the right to penalize students who miss class to obtain an abortion out of state. The professors, John Hatfield and Daniel Bonevac, are contesting the Biden administration’s efforts to shield students from retaliation when they obtain reproductive health care, a long-standing guarantee under Title IX. They also demand the freedom to discriminate against students and teaching assistants who identify as LGBTQ.


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  1. What really scares me is that so many people aren't scared about or even aware of what's happening. “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill.


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