Thursday, June 27, 2024

Interesting look at where temperatures are crazy.

 I often question if the South and Southerners are just stupid about climate change. They deny and prevaricate if anything should be done about this.

Well, maybe they aren't stupid. Perhaps they are just reflecting on their lived experience. While temperatures are crazy in the Northwest, southern Florida, the interior west, and western coast areas, it is just as important to see that temperatures are normal or even below in much of the traditional South. 

Since even Ed and I notice how much national news is based out of New York, I can see how Southerns think it has been blown out of proportion by liberals. But I think it is more due to the fact that liberals live in areas hyper-affected by climate change in temperatures. As changes spread to the rest of the country, early and robust tornadoes, stronger and more destructive hurricanes, and wildfires across the west and Canada, many don't see this as a real problem.

I am NOT saying I agree, but I am saying that we need to get buy-in from the whole country on changing how we live.

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