Thursday, June 6, 2024

I said we are kind of screwed (Birth Control Access failed Congress)


After the overturning of Abortion rights in the country, Ed and I were worried about the right to be gay, access to contraception, access to reproductive health care, and the Republican attempt to pass a national anti-abortion law.

Well, the Supreme Court and some states have legislated that just being gay or talking about it is illegal and an affront to Christians - just by existing. We don't have the same rights to access hospitals, EMTs,  private Universities, or adoption. I guess adoption because legislators think that keeping problem children in institutions is better than having gay folks help them.

Pregnant women in southern states have to be in critical condition and in the emergency room before doctors can take any steps to save the mother if it puts the embryo in danger. EVEN in cases where the embryo has a known defect that will kill the embryo or has severe physical problems (like already being dead in the womb) or known problems that might kill the mother (say - endoscopic pregnancy). There is that.

Republicans have already promised to pass a nation wide abortion ban.

And now, tada!!! They voted to kill a measure that would protect contraceptive access. Because women are baby delivery devices, not people.

Good Grief.


  1. There is something new in the contraception issue. "A paper published Feb. 14 in the journal Nature Communications, presents a novel approach to male contraception that looks promising in mice. Researchers tested a compound that blocks an enzyme sperm need to swim, suggesting a path to a fast-acting, temporary form of contraception." ( gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwvIWzBhAlEiwAHHWgvS7Q6y22WV83N8r9mb2QmhQonVflvCnvVAkKLYDN4Tsr5eYIEB87PBoCCtgQAvD_BwE.) Let's see what Congress does with. As the saying goes: what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    1. I think they would love it. A bunch of old white dudes with a change to be unfaithful without consequences. It's only women they want to punish.


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