Saturday, June 22, 2024

First Furries, now this..

 MAGA has a problem understanding the truth versus movies or jokes. The previous issue (and still quoted) is that some classrooms have litter boxes in the room for kids that identify as cats to use for the bathroom. This is a story that refuses to die no matter how many times it is disproved. ALWAYS "a friend of mine's child has seen this." I will spend no time on this asinine urban myth.

Now, the state of Florida has passed a law that allows people unlimited freedom to shoot black bears who are cocaine or crack. Are bears running around with white nostrils? No. 

Where some idiots convinced that a movie loosely based on (ONE) real event is an epidemic? Yes. Those idiots are the Florida legislators and Ron DeSantis.

Where did this particular stupid as hell idea come from...

"Get in line!" Get it?

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