Friday, May 24, 2024

Sucked into the movies again - The Fall Guy

 Once again, I was sucked into paying for a movie that was on Amazon a week later.

Last weekend in Laughlin, Ed and I went one afternoon to see The Fall Guy. It was fun, loud, and action-packed. Storywise, it was a bit thin, and the "will they / won't they" dynamic didn't work. I mean, you have Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt at their hottest—of course they will. 

And Ryan Gosling's body is at its absolute best in the movie. And that is saying something. You don't see it a lot in the previews, but more than once, Ed and I (and half the audience) gasped at him.

But I get sidetracked. This is about what bugged me.

For the second time in a row in the desert (2 out of 2 movies), I watched a movie a week before it showed up on Amazon. This time, it was The Fall Guy; last time, it was Saltburn.

Thinking back, I thought both movies deserved to be seen on the big screen, and they benefitted from the large-scale picture and the big boy sound. Still, I felt a little cheated.

PS - Some images from Saltburn to show why it seems better on a big screen.

The inside of an overstuffed Manor House - claustrophobic on the Big Screen
Just "busy" on TV.

The sudden transition to bright sunlight is contrasted with the cloud coming over Jacob
On TV it is just a fleeting image - on the Big Screen crowded with pathos.

On the big screen, a freaked-out young man surveys the wreckage of his party. 
Mirroring how his life is a complex disaster.

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