Monday, May 13, 2024

Quite often you will hear Democrats say "Cruelty IS the point."

 It is a lament that you constantly hear from progressives in the United States. 

When states require women to actually be near death in order to get treatment when a fetus is involved. That is cruel. 

Whenever another stupid law is passed making life harder for Trans people, it is 90% of the time, just cruel.

When they pass laws that let drivers run over people during a demonstration, just cruel.

And yet there are people who think this cruelness is a byproduct of good laws. No. the objective is cruelty. Like this.

Yep. He gives the homeless fake five-dollar bills. And, HE SAYS, they get arrested and go to jail when they try to spend them. He is proud of this. He worked before and wants to work again in an administration that already cut benefits and mental treatments.

Ladies and gentlemen, our next administration.

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