Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Leaning into the Fascism (political opinion of mine)

 This is a political post about our own American wanna-be Dictator. Feel free to skip or expand.

(A note here: The Trump team said it only reposted a user's tweet and didn't read it. The "user" here was a member of Trump's own "Political Meme Team")

During Trump's first term, any suggestion that Donald Trump was setting up to be a Dictator was met with derision from "serious people."

This election cycle, the entire Republican establishment is behind Trump (or else!). This is despite the Nazi rhetoric that is dominating his messaging more and more.


 1) Trump calls his opponents "vermin". Started this in November of 2023. 

  Nazi Germany was driven by a racist ideology that regarded Jews as “parasitic vermin” worthy only of eradication, the Nazis implemented genocide on an unprecedented scale. 


2) Trump says illegal immigrants are "poisoning the blood" of real Americans. 

Hitler said that Jews were "poisoning the blood" of the Aryan race.


3) Trump has argued at the Supreme Court that his presidency was above the law and immune to all things that had been done while Trump was president.

1933 - The F├╝hrerprinzip ("leader principle") designated Hitler as above the law.


4)Trump has promised to install only those allies who believe the election was stolen in 2020. (note; the election was not stolen.)

1933 - Nazi civil-service legislation enabled the removal of non-Aryans and the "politically unreliable."


5) Trump promises to use the Department of Justice against his political opponents in a second term.

In 1933, the judiciary lost its independence as it was increasingly controlled by the Nazis. Judges who did not join the National Socialist League for the Maintenance of Law were dismissed. Jewish lawyers and judges and those with socialist or other views inconvenient to the Nazi Party were removed. The fundamental legal principle became Nazi "common sense," "Whatever is good for Germany is legal."


No, this isn't reminiscent of Nazi ideology at all


I could go on, but I think you might now believe the analogy. 

I have said this before and will repeat it: believe Trump when he says these things and more. The media and professional class refuse to take it all seriously. Republican politicians think they can control Trump. They were wrong before and will be even more wrong this time. 

A blueprint of what he plans to accomplish in his possible next term is completely documented in the blueprint - Project 2025. Read it (if you dare) here Project 2025 | Presidential Transition Project.

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  1. And let's not forget the internment camps he's planning supposedly for "illegal immigrants." So it's his plan to round up immigrants who are already in this country being processed. People working in fields and factories doing work Americans don't want to do. And using the National Guard and/or the military to do it.


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