Sunday, May 26, 2024

I know this is just me...

 ... but I don't think this is helping. I (think) I understand the anger of the Oct 7th attacks. But more people are starving in this picture than were attacked on Oct. 7th.

What will be enough? 35,000 dead so far. What are enough dead people, particularly women, and children and that assumes every man was a Hamas fighter? 

The Israeli government has determined they will stay in Gaza until every Hamas fighter is dead. Since they have said that Hamas fighters mix in the general population;  it is incumbent on their military to kill every male, close every hospital, prevent media in Gaza from reporting, kill aid workers, blow up humanitarian aid, close every border, and never back down.

What will be enough?

If it is the death of every male Palestinian in Gaza, I cannot be behind that. If it is ANYTHING other than that, please explain it to me. Didn't they see The Ten Commandments? Charlton Heston would be appalled.

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  1. There is no rational explanation. I think it's a land grab and they use killing Hamas as an excuse to reduce the Palestinian population in Gaza.


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