Thursday, May 9, 2024


At some point, nearly everyone has heard of "Grinder". It is a gay hook-up app. Unlike many others apps, Grinder notifies when someone is interested and close. For most straight hook-up apps, distance from a desired partner is often measured in miles. In Grinder, it is often measured in feet, or probably meters in Europe. It also has a distinctive sound that cannot be easily changed, so gay men around the world know the bloop sound.

Let me hasten to add that neither Ed nor I have this app. We are a happily married monogamous couple and always have been. I am not judging here; do what you want. We prefer to keep it monogamous because we do, and it works for us.

When you listen to this, listen to the last line, "I see you are enjoying this week in Malmo (Sweden).

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