Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Contrasting Images from our Hotel in Laughlin

The view from our room (the junk cropped out)

Laughlin, CA is an inexpensive version of Las Vegas that is closer to Arizona and New Mexico than Vegas. I don't want to say it is down market. But it is accessible to more people. Think of Vegas as Target and Laughlin as Walmart.

For our visit with my family, we stayed at the Laughlin River Resort. It was not great. Laughlin wants you to gamble, not sit in your hotel room. So they make the hotel room yucky, just this side of complainable.

I didn't get many pictures, but I did get a picture of this TV.  Not to complain, but it was a tube TV without High Def and only 8 channels worked: MSNBC, Fox News, EPSN, some other athletic channel, Hallmark movie channel, LAFF, and the Murder She Wrote channel. We read a lot. And went to the movies.

No all of Laughlin isn't like this. My Mom's room at the Tropicana was good - after they changed it twice.

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