Monday, April 29, 2024

shitstorm in miniature

We can see headlines sometimes and imagine the massive problems of fundamental disagreements and what to do about them. And then sometimes we see crazy.

Take the issue below. In a small town in New Hampshire where, the progressives and conservatives (think Democrats and Republicans) try to ignore politics and get along. This town has been "torn apart" by the mural painted in an effort to help restore some blighted areas. A town councilwoman believes that they are Satanic and push homosexuality. Getting all worked up over this and imagining the worst is easy.

But it is a shitstorm in a teacup. Here are the "Demonic" murals that will bring the wrath of God down on the city.

The "murals" are in a blighted part of the city, and a non-profit is trying to make it a little less blighted by removing graffiti and trying to beautify an unattractive corner.

It is not a set of landing lights for Satan's airport.

But when cultural disagreements start, rational thought goes out the window.

The city is contemplating outlawing all public art because of this disagreement.

The Town Manager (like a mayor) resigned because the rhetoric was too much for him. The Manager has a gay teenage son, and all the hate that has focused on the son since this all started was too much.

I just want you to remember this was not a problem until long after the art was up and people liked it. There were no issues until a self-described Christian Board Member decided they were gay demonic murals pushing an LGBT message. Suddenly, after the murals had been painted and accepted, they were terrible. AND only then did hate start springing up. It is almost like she was looking for something to cause a blowback.

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