Friday, April 12, 2024

Rural Voters

I read an article in Politico about what liberals (but the author means Democrats) do not understand about rural voters. He is partially correct, but his solutions are stupid. Maybe his solution works IF you include the entirety of right-wing media behind you. But it makes no sense to me.

Essentially, the author says that even though the Democratic policy spends more in rural areas, builds more infrastructure, and attempts to provide support to rural families, "we" don't get that isn't what they really want. What they really want, per the author, is someone who understands their towns are full of very close social communities.

That is kind of his entire point. He states (not insinuates) that implementing policies that help rural communities and implementing the laws rural voters ask for is politically useless. They don't like "us" because we supposedly think they are confused and not very smart. This is true ONLY if you watch Fox News. They vote against - what we think - are helpful policies and support because they don't like big corporations and government.

Republicans succeed because they understand that Rural conservative voters ONLY WANT recognition. His solution is NOT to implement good and useful policy - but to go out and tell them that government is bad.

I will repeat myself from the first paragraph. This makes no sense to me.

His advice seems to be, "Don't think supporting them politically helps. Go out, meet rural voters, and lie. 

Even if this is true, I would rather the government pass policies that help the country, rural and urban, and let them resent Democrats. 

I don't think depriving rural voters of economic and infrastructure support is the right thing to do, even if rural voters hate Democrats. (Oh, wait. The author says rural voters don't hate Democrats; they just hate our policies that support communities, provide government support, and build infrastructure because it is government interference.)  

You can read this article here.

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