Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Oh my goodness, speaking in tongues works!

 As the press to get rid of women's body autonomy continues, the legislature in Arizona wanted the Arizona Supreme Court to uphold a 123 year old law that outlaws abortion. It was passed before Arizona was a state.

They decided the best way to pray for this was to speak in tongues.

And I guess it worked. The Arizona Supreme Court said the law should be in effect. It mandates 20-plus years of jail time for the person doing the abortion and 1 year of jail time for the woman having said abortion. There are no exceptions for rape, incest, the health of the mother, or the life of the anonymous human incubator.

Nice (sarcastic font)


  1. What is with the war against women? Do they hate us or are they afraid of us?

  2. Both. Women want control over their own bodies. Old white men justify control over them as being biblical. That is also how old white men defended slavery, drum hate against Trans individuals, and anti-gay legislation. They are trying to limit education so that only their values will be taught - and it is working in the South (as you know).


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