Monday, April 1, 2024

NOT an April Fool's Joke

 This is (was) on the splash page for Fox News.

For Easter, this 25-year-old daughter of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates her love for "Gold and God." Something about idolatry and false gods rings through my head, but I am sure it is nothing.

"... profound focus on God."

I don't know about that.

Here are some more pictures of our dear birthday girl. although I am not sure ALL of these are when she is focused on God. I don't mean to say she doesn't love God. But I am saying there is a slight disconnect between how Fox says President Biden isn't a real Catholic because he offers comfort to the weak (in last week's cases—trans individuals) but how Gracie here is the very image of Christian charity.

She does now her good side.

Now, before you say that Fox News just loves a pretty blond, let me remind you that this isn't always true. <ook how they treated another Kansas City Chiefs Blonde supporter.

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