Friday, April 19, 2024

Did anyone watch this?

 Ed and I watched One Day on Netflix. 

It is British, so the characters look like they should in real life. For example, the female lead is not supposed to be super pretty. In the 2011 movie, "One Day" the female lead was Anne Hathaway. They "dressed down" dear sweety Anne in the first part with glasses and lousy hair, which was shed rather quickly. In the Netflix series, the female lead is played by Ambika Mod - who is wonderful but not extremely pretty in the Anne Hathaway style. Note that it is much more typical in British movies to use actors who are not stunningly attractive. Leo Woodhall, as the male love interest, is beautiful in the book and not half bad in real life.

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodhall

Anne Hathaway (playing "dumpy" here) and Jim Sturgess

It covers a single day (July 15th, Saint Swithin's Day) over several years. The Netflix show is better able to show the 15+ year changes with 12 episodes rather than the movie's 1 hour, 45 minute run time. It gets to delve deeper into the characters and their singular struggles through the year.

It is heartbreaking, sweet, and infuriating. Heartbreak, sweetness, and positivity run through the entire show, with infuriating popping up towards the end.

I just wanted to share that I liked it, loved it, liked it, and then hated it while watching the entire run. So, did anyone read the book and does it follow.

By the way, if you see this and think, "Where did I see Leo Woodhall before?" Let me help you. White Lotus 2. He charms the American girl and is also gay for pay with the character Dominic Di Grasso.

PS No bus in the Netflix show.

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