Thursday, April 11, 2024

Carl Jung's Philosophy for a Happy Life

 Carl Jung was a psychiatrist working around the 1900s. He investigated and worked on the idea of ego, superego, and id. He also described the 5 steps of pillars of a good life, which I think are pretty good - hat tip to The Atlantic, which explored this in detail.

Here they are, and I like them.

1. Good physical and mental health

2. Good personal and intimate relations, such as those of marriage, family, and friendships.

3. Seeing beauty in art and in nature

4. A reasonable standard of living and satisfactory work

I think it is interesting Jung says a "reasonable standard of living." First, it contradicts our idea that richer is better. And second, it doesn't define "reasonable," which assumes that "reasonable" depends on the individual AND the society they are in.

5. A philosophical or religious outlook that fosters resilience

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