Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archie Moore's Fantastic Display at the Venice Biennale

 The Venice Biennale is an every other year exhibition of Art. Its exhibitions include private works, but the real "competition" is between the national pavilions.

This year's theme is Indigenous people. It doesn't have to be about people displaced by locals; for example, Germany's theme includes a set piece on a German Artist.

This year, the "winner" is Archie Moore's exhibition kith and kin at the Australia Pavilion. It has been awarded the Golden Lion for Best National Participation at La Biennale de Venezia 2024. It is the first time an Australian artist has received this award.

His exhibit is this.

For his installation, “kith and kin,” Moore has drawn a family tree in chalk on the walls and ceiling of the Australia Pavilion. The web of names encompasses 3,484 people and Moore says it stretches back 65,000 years, although he has smudged some details so that they are hard to read. In the center of the room is a huge table covered with stacks of government documents relating to the deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody. (copied from NYTimes).

For those who want to see the American Exhibit. Jeffrey Gibson, the first Indigenous artist to represent the United States did the pavilion.

For those who want to see the British Pavilion. Tough, the did not participate this year.

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