Friday, April 19, 2024

And now, for the stupidest political stories of the week

 Remember "Chemtrails"? These are the streams of water vapor that show up in the right conditions after a plane travels. You know, the one that conspiracy folks thought dropped chemicals on people to make them gay or zombies or liberals or put microchips in them. These "theories" have all obviously been debunked. Well, Tennessee don't care about some da'gum truth out of Washington DC.


After a few years of the Red States allowing child labor in dangerous jobs (which used to be filled by undocumented immigrants), they have now passed laws that enshire the exploitation of those children.


Queen of the Loons, Marjorie Taylor Green, opts to fund space lasers over funds for Israel or Ukraine.


To see the Republicans scurry around like headless chickens to denounce the Arizona State Ruling that allows a pre-statehood abortion law to stand. One that requires jail time for both the woman AND the doctor who performed the abortion to go to jail. One would think they are truthfully describing a situation that goes too far. One would think that, but one would be wrong.

But what happens to women in Arizona that must have an abortion because they were raped, or whose fetus has died, or just wants a damn abortion?  Well, Senate Candidate Kerri Lake has a solution.


Florida, which outlaws teaching about slavery, the Civil War, the holocaust, and anything to do with gays, has a new law about the thing they MUST teach. Communism.


(My personal favorite of the week)

This is a wild one. Montana's official Republican candidate for Senate was in the military. He claimed he was shot in the arm in Afghanistan. Then news turned up that he claimed in 2015 to National Park Police that he kept a gun in his car in case of Bear attacks - he dropped the gun, and it went off, hitting him in the arm. THEN they found the story he told to local police; he had the gun and accidentally shot himself in the arm. NOW he says he lied to the Police and Nat Park Police and really did get shot in Afghanistan - despite his earlier 2 lies about the gun in the National Park AND that the witnesses who heard the shot were wrong or liberals.

And, of course, a gaggle of Trump related stories that I have no need to post here.

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