Friday, March 8, 2024

I'm not sure who this was pitched at?

 The State of the Union (SOTU) was last night. For my non-American friends, this is a yearly event, sometimes skipping the post-presidential election year. Once a year, the President is invited to the combined House & Senate audience to give a report on "the state of the union." It wasn't always a speech. Quite often, before TV, it might even be a letter to Congress. But now, it is kind of our yearly "Queen's Christmas Address." The difference is that the President (and his multiple writers) gives his outline for the next year's priorities.

Well, last night, Joe Biden gave his address. He was amp'ed and excited. Fox News and Donald Trump, after months of saying he was too old and weak to speak for more than 30 minutes, responded to the speech and enthusiasm by implying he was on drugs. And given the Trump family's Adderal use, this is rich.

But I don't come here to discuss Joe's speech. Nor to question the sanity of the screaming banshee Marjorie Taylor Green*. Instead I come to wonder what the hell that rebuttal speech was. And, again, for the Brits, after the SOTU, the party out of power usually gives the rebuttal speech. It is a thankless task. After the pomp of the SOTU, the rebuttal is usually staged in a sedate room, with or without a podium.

But this year's rebuttal was a true nightmare. 

The worst of it was Alabama Senator Katie Britt being the harbinger of doom. This is Donald Trump's party, and they are going to toe his line that the US is presently a dystopian hellscape.

No wait. The worst was Senator Britt delivering the speech in a voice that teetered between breathless worry, quiet desperation, and over-the-top acting.

No, no, wait. The ACTUAL worst was that Republicans set the speech in the middle of "Britt's" Kitchen. I think the bland beige kitchen was supposed to function as a safe and "everyday" home of a real mother. Instead, it took mansplaining what a woman wants to new heights of pandering. Everyone good lil' woman wants to be a homemaker with a cute family with two tots.

It would have been condescending had it not been the train wreck it was. So, you can hear the men of the South proudly patting themselves on the back for connecting with the "average" woman.

*It is an odd practice of Americans to use 3 names when discussing scary killers: Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wayne Gacy, Kim Jong Un, Marjorie Taylor Green


  1. Now that is an ugly kitchen! Someone should introduce her to colors other than mud.


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