Wednesday, March 27, 2024

How does Donny fleece his fans? Ask the RNC.

NOTE: This is not an enabling message. It is a look at the way Donald's influence on the Republican National Committee (now headed by his daughter-in-law) has increased the money to his lawyers while sucking up Republican money that usually goes to down-ballot candidates.

Donald J Trump uses his name and likeness to fleece his followers. A lot. We all get that. 

But his latest grift through the RNC (Republican National Committee) is truly epic. His daughter-in-law is the new head of the Republican National Committee. She has explained that from now on, money donated to the RNC will be divided between the "Save America PAC" and the "Maga Super PAC." This sounds scary to down-ballot Republican candidates who depend on this money for Congressional races, but at least some would seem to go through the traditional route.

Not So Fast...

The Machinations to funnel almost all the money donated to the RNC into the funds for Trump's Lawyers or Election 

This now joins the list of Presidential and Post-Presidential grifts he is famous for:

The latest, just in time for Easter, is a Bible. Because, you know, God likes him.

Only THIS Bible is endorsed. Not the other loser Bibles.

And before the Bible, these charmers:

Trump Trading Cards

Trump Presidential Coins (not legal tender)

Trump Mug-Shot Merch

Trump NFTs - a veritable  steal at $10,000 a set

Sold out Tennis Shoes because "the blacks lover tennis shoes"*

*Statement from FOX contributor - which is SO NOT a totally owned subsidiary of Trump Criminal Endeavors Inc.

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