Thursday, February 29, 2024

Well, it turns out there ARE People Above the Law

 Our system of government is broken. Not just by the random idiocies of Congress but much, much worse. Or at least much worse to me. 

Our Supreme Court -which has allowed Christians to discriminate, overturned Abortion rights for women, allowed unlimited guns to flood every state and has basically taken a hatchet to the Constitution and our rights - has given Trump a free pass.

Trump was scheduled to start multiple trials in the spring. The most important was the trial adjudicating his complicity in the January 6th insurrection. You know, TREASON.

Here is the short version. The prosecutor in the Jan 6 case is Jack Smith. Last December, Jack went to the Supreme Court and asked them to decide if Trump was immune from prosecution on Jan 6th. The Supreme Court took a few weeks but ultimately said he had to go to the lower court first. 

The lower court quickly-ish (a month) said he was not immune. Furthermore, the lower court laid out and conclusively rebutted all of Trump's lawyer's points. 

The ruling was designed for a quick review by the Supreme Court, and was ready on Jan 23rd. At the end of January, Trump appealed to the Supreme Court and asked to review the decision. They gave each side a week to respond to the request arguments - Smith responded in a day as everyone knew this was coming. 

Yesterday - a couple of weeks later, the Supreme Court decided to hear the case. They scheduled the hearing for April 22nd - 7 weeks from now. The ruling will then come at the end of June. Because of the delay from January to end of June, the serious trials can not be held until after the election. This gives Trump, the Traitor, a nice reprieve from prosecution.

If Trump wins the election, he can stop all the trials AND declare himself pardoned (by himself), or just stop the trials. (If he loses the election, he will probably be pardoned by the Democrat to "heal the country.") By delaying the decision, he is given the free pass.

Some will (wrongly) say that this is "quick" for the Supreme. It is quick for a normal issue. But this is the Presidency. When the Supremes' heard the appeal for George W Bush in the Florida vote counting fiasco, they gave the parties 1 day to present, took 2 days to deliberate, and the decision was on day 4 of the appeal. So, so much for this appeal being "fast".

And so Trump is above the law. Because there is one law for the rich (and that law is fuck the little people) and there are regular laws that govern the middle class.

I am sad, angry, and resigned. All in all, not happy.

Smug Bastard

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