Wednesday, February 14, 2024

It think this is my problem and I think explaining it will stop my posting over the Orange Shit Show

 I often find that once my itch to talk about something is explained, I feel better and can move on. 

For example, I finally wrote up why and how my father was not a good person (albeit it, an okay father for a few years) and put it on I did it for my newly found 1/2 sister, but it scratched an itch I could not until then. Now, I don't worry about it or feel guilty.

I believe this is the same for Trump and the Republicans. This hits that itch of frustration. Hopefully, it will free me from this progression of doom. My balck dread will still be there, but the need to express it will diminish. 

This is the article that triggered it for me ( I don't know if it is paywall blocked, but here is the article). 

I keep trying to understand the Republicans through the lens of logic and politics, but they are neither anymore. 

This is a party that has asked Russia to invade our allies, that explains away a literal attack on Congress during the transfer of power, that promotes white superiority, that complains that brown people are "poisoning our blood," complains they can't shoot immigrants, that openly defies the Supreme Court, that outlaws trans people from bathrooms, sports, and changing their names, that outlaws Black History Month, that refuses to support democracies Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, that won't vote on anything that might help Democratic reelection - even if it is critical for national security OR something they demanded, that makes fun of the military who are wounded, captured or killed in battle, that openly supports dictators like Putin, Xi and Kim Jong Il, that impeached a sitting Cabinet Secretary just 'cuz, that opened an impeachment inquiry for the President despite saying they had nothing - but maybe they would find something, that brags about assaulting women and denying them rights, increases death rates by advocating for the end of all vaccines, that claims slavery was not the cause of the civil war AND that it taught slaves skills, makes fun of disabled and <deep breath> more.

But Republicans are no longer logical, responsive to voters, to feel any shame. They are not a party. And they may or may not be a cult. But they definitely ARE subsidiaries to Trump.

And, knowing Trump is in fact evil, this makes it easier to ignore Republicans as part of Trump 2.0. Well, not ignore him, but not to expect consistency, logic, or civic engagement. And now that you know that too, I don't need to talk about him as much. We can all agree he and his band of sycophants can be ignored by me.

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