Monday, February 12, 2024

Big Bob Explains what Trump Meant # 2312 - Magnets and John Deere

Well, once again, Big Bob, Trump's new press secretary, tries to explain Trump's latest statements.

Big Bob: Thank you, everyone, for coming; let's turn to the issue on everyone's mind, Joe Biden's mental health, questions?

Maggie DuBois: Big Bob, can you explain why Trump thinks magnets don't work in water.

Big Bob: As you know, President Trump was expounding on his outstanding work in updating the elevators on Aircraft carriers. They are magnetic elevators.

MdB: But he said magnets don't work when they are wet.

BB: In this context, President Trump was explaining that if the ship sank, the elevators wouldn't work because they are wet.

MdB: But magnets do work if they are wet.

BB: Agree to disagree. Next.

MdB: Why did he propose the Navy should use John Deere's equipment.

BB: John Deere is an American institution and President Trump believes we should use American technology.

MdB: On an aircraft carrier? A John Deere wench to lift planes up and down?

BB: What foreign tractor maker do you want the Navy to use?

MdB: What?

BB: Exactly.


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