Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hello World

 I'm back this week. I didn't really leave, but I am setting up our new house, and getting wifi / TV is not as easy as I would expect. Miles easier than years ago, but not instantaneous. And I have no patience to try to post via my phone over cell lines (the horror).

So anyway all is up.  The house is great. We bought all his furniture and it is nice but still working kinks out. It took a while, and I have to use overrides until I figure it all out, but the jacuzzi is aces. The only TV is upstairs, which is annoying when making food, but doable. We all know how I love TV as a background.

So, don't worry. Scooter hasn't dropped into some major depression.

Okay, back to the important things. This is cool!

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