Friday, November 17, 2023

There was a time when sense reigned in our Congress

 That time is not now. I remember when we laughed at the antics of the Taiwan and South Korea legislature. Their discussions descended into fist fights with regularity. We sat smugly and wondered what was wrong with them.

No More.

This week, we had one Senator, Oklahoma senator Markwayne Mullin, rise to try to beat up a man who was testifying before Congress. DURING the hearing! When asked about it, he replied it was "Oklahoma Values."

Our new Speaker of the House blamed gays for God abandoning America. Less than a month ago!

The segment was filmed Oct. 3, just weeks before Johnson’s unexpected rise to become speaker of the House. Garlow pressed the clean-cut Louisiana congressman to say “more about this ‘time of judgment’ for America.” Johnson replied: “The culture is so dark and depraved that it almost seems irredeemable.” He cited, as supposed evidence, the decline of national church attendance and the rise of LGBTQ youth — the fact, Johnson lamented, that “one-in-four high school students identifies as something other than straight.”

Discussing the risk of divine retribution, Johnson invoked Sodom, the Old Testament city destroyed by God for its wickedness with a rain of burning sulfur. Johnson is a polished orator, but in a closing prayer with Garlow he grew tearful. Johnson intoned, “We repent for our sins individually and collectively. And we ask that You not give us the judgment that we clearly deserve.”

Once again, we found that a Representative from New York lied about: his mother dying in 9/11, his being Jewish, using campaign funds to buy Botox and subscriptions to "only fans" sites, hiding foreign donations, and using scams to earn $700,000 one year. O George, we barely knew thee. And - of course - Congress won't vote George out because the Republican majority is razor-thin.

Why the pic? Well, George lied about many things, denying being a Gay Drag artist from Brazil. 
"Kitara Ravache"

Not so much the adults in the room anymore.

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