Friday, November 3, 2023

The Shed

 I reviewed Here We Are yesterday. Reminder: I did not like it.

But it was at "the Shed" and that is a cool place.

The big weird silver part is the roof piece, and it can open. when it does, part of The Shed can become and open-air theater. It wasn't last night - or any time I have seen a show there, but the idea is cool.

These are the wheels. They are not just decorative; they actually work.

As long as we are talking about The Shed area, it is right near The Vessel. As you may have heard, The Vessel cannot be climbed anymore. There were too many suicides there, and they have tried to stop them, unsuccessfully. So they put in a rule that you must go up with at least two people.

Then a kid killed himself in front of his family, and The Vessel stopped letting people go up. You can now go to the floor level and look up at a cool view, but that is it.

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